Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Glass etching christmas gits

I made these glass plates for my family and friends,

YUDO i used it,.Yeah

Yeah! i went Thur 3 films before i Finlay got one, but i think the film batch was bad it was wet bubbly and stuck to each other when i opened the package and the second package was good each film was dry and easy to grab one, i tested it on a T-Shirt but i put them on aprons for my daughters i hope they like them...

Sunday, December 12, 2010


I make clipboards for my husbands staff and last week one of them asked me to make her two for her co-workers and i guess its my first clipboard sale. WHaaaaahuuuu.. i made them with Disney's Mickey and Friends Cricut. lots of fun!...

I made this for gifts I'm not worried that they will see it, cuz they don't come to my blog., sad but true., BUT anyway i made them with my Cricut with the nativity with Winter Frolic and the words with Winter Woodland, it was fun, and i hope they like them.,
I got the frames at Micheal's they are normally $9.99 but i always wait for the sales and only pay $4.99. i always try to buy 2 at a time..

Trukey day rocked...

Turkey day was Nice., the dinner was great it was so nice that one of our Daughters come and Emely helped and we Both made the Dinner for the Family...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

OK made my first cricut cakes the cutting was not easy it kept tarring the images, but the cake recipe was fantastic, the fondant was good it tasted great everyone thought it was great nothing was left! even the ribbon was eaten.. so i don't feel bad and i know the next will be better.
if anyone needs a goo cake recipe and Fondant let me know ill post it... PS. there was nothing left..!

Friday, September 24, 2010

September thought

Well I'm getting more and more things in my blog every day it seems easy to do but its not!!! with all the buttons,widgets, etc... its driving me nuts, I'm watching more videos to help me but i know ill get it off its feet soon and ill be blogging my head off. when i get my new! cricut Imagine i want to post lots of stuff so i better hurry and get this site in order....