Thursday, October 14, 2010

OK made my first cricut cakes the cutting was not easy it kept tarring the images, but the cake recipe was fantastic, the fondant was good it tasted great everyone thought it was great nothing was left! even the ribbon was eaten.. so i don't feel bad and i know the next will be better.
if anyone needs a goo cake recipe and Fondant let me know ill post it... PS. there was nothing left..!


  1. I would love a copy of the recipes and I think your cakes are beautiful.

  2. OH Crap sorry sure SORRY SORRY i never saw this comment! my e-mail is send me an e-mail and put on the top Viki from your blog.. and ill send you the recipe again sorry Viki i feel so bad but its a good recipe normally i would not give it out cuz the cake class as 150.00 and 4 weeks, but i feel so bad that heck ill send it to you! but i wont post it. you understand.. have a great Christmas.. again SORRY...