Sunday, December 12, 2010


I make clipboards for my husbands staff and last week one of them asked me to make her two for her co-workers and i guess its my first clipboard sale. WHaaaaahuuuu.. i made them with Disney's Mickey and Friends Cricut. lots of fun!...


  1. They are beautiful. Do ou have a video on how you did them? I'm a visual person so I can correct my mistakes. Thanks for sharing.

  2. sorry it took me a bit to get back to you my only fan... i normaly make tutorials but i didnt, i have a gypsy and i made all my people 3inches tall, so all my peces are for 3inches.(so thats everything cut out at Height 3.00 same on the cricut. do you have a cricut? and do you have (Sure cuts alot 2)? i just got there nativity set that i like better :( its so much more nicer? have you seen it?? i have the site on my blog i can send you stuff if you have that program.,, and im on facebook all crfts cakes and scrapbooking. Barbara perez facebook e-mail is thanks for following me i promise do post all my crafs!! have a great holiday im in florida by disney world. in Kissimmee.

  3. oh!! sorry i so thought we where taliking about the nativity set frames., sorry.. ok the clipboards i will make a video for you and post it. i cut the papaer 9X12 and a strip of 2x12.. but ill make asasp...